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Shop Drawings

Jack Engineering commences the structural steel process by providing a full set of shop drawings from site setout dimensions through to a 3D view of the complete steelworks.
This enables the builder, client, architect and engineer to see accurate detail dimension layouts and individual pieces in one easily understood set of drawings the builder. The builder also has input at drawing stage to include his individual build expertise and efficiencies in relation to the steel members, for instance placement of whaling plate holes. 

Inhouse Steel Processing

We fabricate your structural steel with our own automated cutting, CNC drilling and painting equipment. This means efficiency, accuracy and quality for the builder. Our staff have been with us for years and enjoy their work, this shows in the quality and consistency of the steel they produce.


Again, our own installation/erection crew have a high level of experience on a variety of projects including structural steel in homes, larger boutique residences, bespoke apartments and commercial buildings.
Jack Engineering has built up a range of lifting and access equipment to cover a majority of our installation work. These include "tight access" Crawler Cranes, Spider Booms and Scissor lifts along with Crane Trucks and a City Crane. We have also built relationships with various companies and operators over the years and call upon these as required for larger access, transport and lifting jobs.

About Us

Jack Engineering is a family owned structural steel fabrication company specialising in bespoke projects for residential and commercial builds. What makes us different is we care and take pride in each project, whether it be a couple of portal frames for a Mornington Peninsula home or a larger project in Melbourne.
We enjoy a range of clients who we have worked with for a number of years. 
Jack Engineering is interested in working with each client to earn their repeat business.

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